Devon Railway Centre has the largest narrow gauge collection in the South West.  There is a museum in one of our coaches dedicated to the history of the station site we occupy and the history of the narrow gauge railway equipment we have.  It is complete with historical audio visuals depicting both these aspects.

Below is a stock list of our locomotives and rolling stock.

Narrow Gauge Locomotives

  • Rebecca – built 1912 by O&K
  • Ivor – built 1944 by Motor Rail
  • Ruston – built 1957 by Ruston
  • Planet – built 1939 by Hibberd
  • Horatio – built 1941 by Ruston
  • Sir Tom – built 1966 by Motor Rail
  • Simplex – built 1949 by Motor Rail

Narrow Gauge Stock

  • Skip wagons – built c1930
  • Incline wagon – built c1930
  • Cattybrook wagon – built c1890
  • 3 Works wagons – built c1920
  • 4 U Tubs built c1970
  • 2 works wagons – built 1960’s
  • 2 Alan Keef coaches built 1987 and 1994
  • MOD ammo wagon (Fauld design) built by Hudson c1930
  • 3 skip wagons built by Hudson c1950
  • 1 skip wagon built by Hudson c1920

Standard Gauge Exhibits

The standard gauge track has been relaid in the station, replacing that taken up in the sixties. This track incorporates materials from the London and South Western Railway as well as the Great Western. There is also one original sleeper which we found on site that is now, fittingly, incorporated in the track once more.

Standard Gauge Locomotive

  • Boris – Built 1952 by Baguley (In working order)

Standard Gauge Stock

  • Mk1 coach 4493 built 1956 by British Rail (York)
  • Mk1 coach 4602 built 1956 by British Rail (York)
  • Mk1 Full Brake built 1957
  • Mk1 Full Brake built 1962
  • Mk1 Full Brake built 1955
  • Mk1 Full Brake built 1957