Experience the delights of another of Devon Railway Centre’s attractions. Exe Vale model village provides an insight into a world in miniature with horses and carts, detailed shop scenes and hundreds of folks going about their daily business.

Enjoy seeing the trains meander their way through the village and see the tram winding its way from Wellington Square to the Wharf buildings and the canal.

Exeleigh has been created to offer the visitor the experience of seeing life in a country setting in the Edwardian period. All the buildings have been built in the workshops of the Devon Railway Centre.

Operate the model village through a series of push buttons which make the trains and tram move. Watch the windmill, the beam engine and Wheal Beckie Tin Mine spring to life with you in control! Play a game of I Spy and challenge yourself to find all the answers to the clues created by Devon Railway Centre!

This is truly a gem created for you to enjoy time and time again during your visit.


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